Sunday, September 28, 2008

He is still listening

Being a Christian in our current working world is extremely challenging. I have personally experienced in this area of my life and i took this opportunity to share with you guys out there. I prayed that God will speak to you in his own manner.

In my years of working life i was attached in sales and marketing industries from selling insurance policies, automotive parts, machinery's,engineering plastics and filtration system and now the most recent one is selling corporate diary to MNC's. Being in the sales industry i reckoned that i had the privileged to taste the best things in life such as opportunity to travel locally and internationally and eating variety of various cuisines.

In terms of entertainment its a never ending story i the business world today. Night clubs, pubs, karaoke lounge and SPA will be the places that we will never miss. I can vividly recalled my 1st dealers incentives trip that i was assigned to bring the qualifiers to China. It's a eye opening to me especially in their night life. The social escorts in the night clubs were extremely gorgeous and they will come by and accompany us! the gentleman's. Through out the years i can sincerely say that if it not by the grace and strength of the Lord i might not have stand against the tests and temptations of the world. Even till today i am still asking form our Lord for higher wisdom, strengths and self control. I just wants to assure you guys out there that our God hears our prayers and is just the matter of time that it will come to past.

Oh boy i am really busy lately as it is our peak season in out trade. I am rushing off for a business appointment now ..... i guess i got to run ..... will continue to pen down more later.